Number of channels: 2 or 4 channel per unit, 10 unit per rack;

Voltage measurement range: 0.7V to +5V;

Voltage & Current Precision: 0.02% of FS;

Minimum Discharge Voltage: 0.7V;

Voltage & Current Resolution: AD/DA 16 bit;

Current output Range1:  Range 1: 0.1uA-150uA,

                     Range 2: 145uA-5mA,

                     Range 3: 4.5mA-150mA,  

                     Range 4: 145mA-5A,  

Maximum Charge Current:  5A;

Minimum pulse duration: 400uS

Time Resolution:  1mS;

Data Recording Rate:  1000 data points per second per system standard;

Operating Modes:  Charge: CC/CV/CC_CV/CP/CR;

                           Discharge: CC/CP/CR/Pulse;

Number Of Steps Per Test:  254 standard plus subroutines;

Cycle Step Test Range:  1~65535

1,1000Hz, 400μS

2,Charge/discharge curve;

2,Charge/discharge platform;

3,High precision capacity test;

4,Cycle life testing;

5,DCR、HPPC pulse test;

6,Temperature monitoring;

7,≥, >, ≤, <, and “if” condition edit;

8,Battery bar code following;

9,Export Excel/TXT data report available;

10,offline testing;

1,Cathode materials research;

2,Anode materials research;


4,LiFeCoPO4/LiCoO2/Li2TiO3/Li(NiCoMn)O2 etc ;

5,GSM pulse charge and discharge testing;

1,Temperature Thermocouple/Thermistor – Used to Record temperature;

2,Battery Connections – A variety of battery holders are available;