The most expensive Xiaomi Phone Released

Yesterday afternoon Beijing time, Xiaomi officially launched the mi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone at its new headquarters! The phone features a surround plan with a screen ratio of 180.6% and supports full netcom 5G dual card and 100-megapixel triple camera.The phone will cost over $2800 and is expected to go on sale at the end of December of this year!

It's an awsome news! Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiaomi have been able to conquer most users around the world, at least in the field of mobile phones, Chinese brands are definitely one or two.

For battery researchers, it's worth mentioning that MIX Alpha adopts nanometer silicon-based lithium ion battery, matched with 40w super fast charging and fast charging solution design. It not only improves the energy density of lithium ion battery, but also further improves the safe charging capacity of the battery. For the first time, the smart phone realizes the low-temperature charging at -10℃.

Applying scientific research results to life, I think this is the real usefulness of scientific research!