The Nobel Prize ceremony held,Goodenough accepted the prize in the wheelchair

The 2019 Nobel Prize ceremony was held in Sweden on December 10, where the laureates gathered at a luxury concert hall to receive a certificate from the king of Sweden.The oldest winner of the Nobel Prize receives his prize in a wheelchair.Even at the age of 97, Goodenough is still on the front lines of research, going to labs every day to focus on new battery concepts.

But Goodenough's schooling is even more impressive. It is said that Goodenough grew up in the countryside, where his parents were so indifferent to him that he had little contact with his family after attending a private boarding school at the age of 12.Later, Goodenough was admitted to Yale university. His father gave him $35, but the tuition was $900.So Goodenough paid for his tuition and board by tutoring the rich man's children. At first, Goodenough studied classics, but his teacher found his talent in mathematics, so he transferred to the major at his teacher's suggestion.

After the second world war, Goodenough, now in his thirties, wanted to continue his studies and entered the physics major at the university of Chicago.But Goodenough stuck to his ideas. Eventually, he got his doctorate and began his research after graduation. Finally, Goodenough made many breakthroughs in lithium batteries. He invented lithium cobalt acid battery at the age of 58, lithium iron phosphate battery at the age of 75, and solid state battery at the age of 90.

Today, at the age of 97, Goodenough still works in the forefront of scientific research with an admirable spirit!