2017 Power Battery, Energy Storage Battery and Advanced Material Summit Forum

2017-Power-Battery-Energy-Storage-Battery-and-Advanced-Material-Summit-Forum-Neware-Battery-CyclerWith the continuous development, battery market promotes the rapid growth of IT application, electric vehicle and energy storage application.

 Nowadays, face the unceasing improvement of all-electric vehicle with extended range, varieties of enterprises require to urgently break through the restriction of safety, durability and dynamic property on electric vehicle development . Immediately, the global competition of power battery industry will be irreversible and the international power battery giant is coming in 2017.

The difference between foreign battery products is small and the coherence and stability of battery is great. Compared to foreign battery enterprises, power battery in China has a larger gap on the standard of battery control and quality automatic testing in the process of producing. As the core component of new energy vehicle, the improvement of technology and safety on power battery is related to the success or failure of the industrialization and marketization of electric vehicle. It also has a relevance on the progress and development of technology about material industry of anode and cathode, diaphragm and electrolyte. Energy storage is gradually receiving much more attention by battery firms and will be the key market of future development.

Summit Forum

A remarkable 2017 Power Battery, Energy Storage Battery and Advanced Material Forum was held in Gaoyou on April 24th- 25th , 2017. This summit forum reinforced the communication and cooperation between administrative department and scientific research, teaching and production, jointly promoted the improvement of power battery, industry and the sustainable development of new energy industry.

The Exhibition of Neware on Forum

This forum was host by people in Gaoyou, China Association of Electronic Saving Technology and China Battery Industry Network. This meeting will be deeply discussed and communicated on power battery of new energy vehicle, the policy trend of energy storage, technical standard, certification testing, new material, new technique, new technology, battery recycling use and new instrument application.